Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI® 1.3)

Capability Maturity Model Integration is a process improvement model that provides organizations with the essential elements of effective processes, which will improve their performance. CMMI-based process improvement includes identifying your organization’s process strengths and weaknesses and making process changes to turn weaknesses into strengths. CMMI provides guidance for efficient, effective improvement across multiple process disciplines in an organization. It benefits the organization by providing a common, integrated vision of improvement. The ultimate benefit is improved performance that means decreased costs, improved on-time delivery, improved productivity, improved quality, increased return on investment (ROI) and improved customer satisfaction.

Benefits of CMMI:

CMMI Consultancy and Implementation Framework:

Consultancy Framework

Consultancy Framework

Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI®

Following list of services can be offered for CMMI® up to Maturity Level 5, A client may get the whole package or any group of Services:
CMMI® Consultancy Services: CMMI® – Details of Services

1.  Gap Analysis: Consultants carry out a Gap analysis activity to determine the gaps with respect to respective maturity level of CMMI by thoroughly reviewing the current practices of the client organization. This activity includes review of current practices, documented procedures and project documentation for selected areas using CMMI as reference model. Gap Analysis Report is developed and based on that, a high level Process Improvement Action Plan (PIAP) is developed to document actions to prepare for a higher maturity level.

2. CMMI Awareness and Implementation Training Our consultant delivers an awareness session on CMMI: A Lead Implementer training on CMMI is provided to facilitate the organization and its key stakeholders to better understand the requirements of the Model. It is not an authorized training.

3. Intro to CMMI (Official Training): A CMMI® 1.3 Authorized Training will be delivered for the Process Engineering Group. This authorized training is a prerequisite for ATM Training. If someone has not attended this training then he can not be an ATM for SCAMPI Class A Appraisal.

4. Process Area Analysis: This activity helps clients to understand the vital concepts of CMMI process areas as well as help them understand a road map specific to their organization.

5. Process Definition Facilitation Activities / Process Optimization: Our consultants assist in the restructuring of the Process Action Team (PAT). We conduct the meetings with practitioners on their current practices and assist them in the preparation of Process Outline and Flow Diagrams/ Solicit Feedback.
Quality Aim also provide assistance in the preparation of draft document(s) and conduct review with practitioners. We also assist the client, how to place document(s) under management and control and how to publish & distribute the process documentation.”

6. Document Review: If client develops the Process Documentation Quality Aim helps the client to develop Policies, Procedures, Templates, Artifacts and Training Material. We perform documentation reviews (on site & off site) to verify the compliance against the defined processes of CMMI up to ML 3

7. Training Material Development against developed process documentation: Consultants develop training material against new processes against CMMI and conducts training sessions for the practitioners for their better understanding and implementation support. We also help the client to develop training material for their Standard Processes & assists them to conduct training on standard processes to relevant staff in the organization.
These trainings will focus on hands on exercises to help trainees better understand the core concepts of processes and as to how to apply them in different projects.”

8. Facilitate Training on Defined Processes: Quality Aim helps the client to develop Training material for their Standard Processes & assists them to conduct training on standard processes to relevant staff in the organization. These trainings will focus on hands on exercises to help trainees better understand the core concepts of processes and as to how to apply them in different projects

9. Implementation Support: We help the client in implementing defined revised, updated or new processes.

10. Readiness Check (Pre-Appraisal Services (SCAMPI Class B or C)): A Pre-Appraisal activity using SCAMPI Class B or C method helps the client organization and the our Consultants to determine the readiness of the client for SCAMPI Class A Appraisal. Our consultants with the help of trained staff members from the client site perform this activity.

11. Appraisal Team Member Training: This two days training is provided by the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser. For this training CMMI 1.3 authorized training (3 day training) is mandatory. After attending this training Appraisal Team Members (ATMs) would be able to participate in SCAMPI Class Appraisal.

12. SCAMPI Class A Appraisal (Appraisal by Lead Appraiser): The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is designed to provide benchmark quality ratings relative to Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI®) models. It is applicable to a wide range of appraisal usage modes, including internal process improvement and external capability determinations

13. Compliance Monitoring (on regular intervals e.g., Bi-Annually or anually. An on going activity): This is an on going activity, we visit the client on regular intervals to evaluate its compliance via performing readiness checks (random audits). We provide Compliance % Report on every visit. These intervals can be planned (after every one or two months) or can be unplanned.

Note: We can offer a complete bundle of services against any standard or any of the sub-set of any of the services.