Disaster Recovery (DR):

is a holistic strategy which comprises of people, policies, process and technologies. The restoration of IT critical systems to support business functions after a disaster is always a point of utmost importance.

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National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST):

NIST in special publication 800-34, given an ideal structure for an IT disaster recovery plan, which is considered as standard for deploying DR solutions:

Contingency planning policy statement: A formal policy is taken as point of authority, which is taken as guidance necessary to develop an effective contingency planning.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Identification and prioritization of critical IT systems and its components.

Identify preventive controls: An effective way of reduction contingency life cycle costs, which lead to increase in system availability. Measures taken for the reduction of effect of system.

Recovery Strategies: Recovery strategies should be effective and should cover all the possible failure chances.

IT contingency plan: Restoration of damages system is done by contingency plans, which are detailed guidance and procedures.

Plan testing, training and exercising: One of the critical part of DR is testing, thorough testing with all the possible plans, continuous exercising of Plan lead to training of employees and help in refining the gaps if left unanswered in plan.

Plan maintenance: In order to keep document updated with system enhancement, it should be updated regularly.

A DR Plan illustrating the RPO (Recover Point Objective) and the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) with respect to the Major Incident is essential for every organization / business.

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