Intro to Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMI®) Training

Test Maturity Model Integration (TMMI) Training Course
Test Maturity Model Integration framework has been developed by the TMMI Foundation as a guideline and reference framework for test & QA process improvement to address issues important for test managers, test engineers and quality assurance professionals. The TMMI is intended to support testing & QA activities and test process improvement in both the disciplines of Software Engineering and System Engineering.

Introduction of TMMI Master Implementer Training:
This 2 – Day training workshop is designed to give a detailed understanding of the Structure and contents of TMMI®, including the Process Areas, Goals & Practices for each Maturity Level, along with its required process documentation, implementation guidance, monitoring (Management), internal assessment and certification. This training workshop has been developed on successful TMMI implementation, certification and consultancy experiences along with different sized companies.

Why Quality Aim:
Quality Aim (QUALITY AIM) is an Information Security and Quality Engineering Company backed by consultants with testing and security credentials such as ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor, ISO 9001, 27001, 20000 Internal Auditors and Appraisal Team Members (ATM) for CMMI and TMMI official reviewer. Our team of consultants have decades of experience in the field of Quality Management, Testing, Information Security, Auditing, Process Improvement, Implementation, Consultancy and Trainings.

Introduction of Trainer:
Abid Umar: has post graduate qualification in Computer Sciences and Business Administration. He has delivered more than 5 Intro To TMMI Training Courses in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Dubai. Abid Malik is the only Pakistani, who is the official practitioner of TMMI (Member Ship #. 1639) He has 14 years of work experience in the field of Management System Development, Consultancy, Auditing, Information Security Mentoring, and Business Continuity Management.

Contents of Training:
Intro to TMMI® Process Implementation and Improvement
Module 1 -Introduction to TMMI® and TMMI® Foundation
Module 2- Benefits of TMMI®
Module 3- Structure of TMMI® Foundation
Module 4- Why do You Need TMMI®
Module 5 – Tips for Using TMMI®
Module 6- Maturity Levels of TMMI® and Their Process Areas
Module 7 – Process Areas of Maturity Levels 2 and their explanation
Module 8 – Process Areas of Maturity Levels 3 and their explanation
Module 9 – Process Areas of Maturity Levels 4 and their explanation
Module 10 – Process Areas of Maturity Levels 5 and their explanation
Module 11-TMMI® Assessment Method Application Requirements (TAMAR)
Module 12 – Process Definition (Development of Processes, Templates, Artifacts & Work Instructions)

TMMI provides a full framework, used as a reference model during test process improvement
It provides practical experience for QA & Test Process Improvement
It gives detailed insight to Senior Management at all levels
TMMI Prepares technically competent Test Process Group, Quality Assurance and Testing Team
Applies in most industry context
Applies regardless of delivery methods
Establishes scope and business case
It works well with other technologies, standards and models: such as CMMI, Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, ITIL, & ISO standards

Recommended Participants:
This course is highly valuable for:
Senior Executives
Quality Assurance & Testing Managers and Teams
Software Development Managers and Teams
Management Staff Responsible for Process Improvement
All professionals and executives who are involve in manufacturing / development, quality assurance, control and testing activities.