ISO 9001:2008 QMS Master Implementer & Internal Auditor Training

This training is designed to give you the relevant skills and knowledge to implement Quality Management System and carry out Internal Audits of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS). The principles of ISO 9001:2008 set out an explicit management system to audit, examine and continually improve systems for a QMS.
The “ISO 9001:2008 Master Implementer & Internal Auditor Course” provides a comprehensive training in the ISO 9001:2008 standard and all its requirements from the auditor’s point of view, as well as basic skills necessary to complete an internal audit. This training is “a must” for every ISO 9001 Implementer and Internal Auditor.

Why Quality Aim?

Quality Aim is an Information Security and Quality Engineering Company backed by consultants with credentials such as ISO 9001 Lead Auditors, ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, ISO 22301 Lead Auditor, ISO 9001, 27001, 20000 Internal Auditors and Appraisal Team Members (ATM) for CMMI and TMMI. Our team of consultants have decades of experience in the field of Quality Management, Testing, Information Security, Auditing, Process Improvement, Implementation, Consultancy and Trainings.This internal auditor training should be taken by each employee appointed as internal ISO 9001 auditor to:
•Learn how to conduct audit against each and every ISO 9001:2008 requirement;
•Learn basic auditing skills;
•Satisfy the ISO 9001:2008 requirement on internal ISO auditor.

Contents of Training:

• Module 1 – Introduction to ISO 9001:2008
• Module 2 – Benefits of ISO 9001:2008
• Module 3 – Structure of ISO 9001:2008
• Module 4 – Contents of ISO 9001:2008
• Workshop
• Module 5 – Introduction to Internal Audit
• Module 6 – Why do You Need Internal Auditors
• Module 7 – Audit types & related conceQuality Aim
• Module 8 – Managing Internal Audit
• Module 9 – Requirements for an Auditor
• Module 10 – Phases of An Audit
• Module 11 – Documentation of an Audit
• Exercise
• Quiz

Benefits of ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training:

On training completion you will be able to:
• Provides a clear picture of quality to the Management
• Mandatory for ISO 9001 Certification
• Interpret the requirements with your organization’s requirements
• Plan and conduct internal audits
• Learn auditing techniques
• Better reporting on the audit that adds value to the organization
• Meet the training requirements for registration as a QMS Auditor or Lead Auditor with the IRCA
• Better understand of External Auditor’s perspective
• Identification of areas of improvement as early as possible

Trainer’s Introduction:

Abid Umar has post graduate qualification in Computer Sciences and Business Administration. He has delivered more than 10 Training Courses in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. He has 14 years of work experience in the field of Process Improvement, Project Management, Management System Development, Consultancy, Auditing, Information Security Mentoring, and Business Continuity Management. He has worked for leading national and international firms like, Netsol Technologies Inc., Nexel Technologies, Catalyic Consulting, Kualitatem, Ernst and Young, and Bassel Consulting Group (Dubai).

Recommended Participants:

This course is highly valuable for:
• Senior Executives
• Management Representatives for ISO 9001:2008
• Quality Assurance & Testing Managers and Teams
• Software Development Managers and Teams
• Management Staff Responsible for Process Improvement
• All professionals and executives who are involve in manufacturing / development, quality assurance, control and testing activities.

Materials Provided:

Course reference manual, containing copy of course slides, supporting documents, exercises, case study, their solutions and certificates.
Course Certificates:
Course Certificates will be awarded to the successful candidates.
For Registration and Fees:
Ph: +92-322-4700-818